Saturday, September 03, 2011

Banished Blog

So, I have sort of let my blog languish for awhile.  Okay, more than awhile, months really, whole seasons even.  I have been in a weird season of life.  I am trying to make changes, lots of changes, maybe even too many changes,  I am trying to change the types of food we ate - more vegies less junk.  I am trying to clear the chemicals out of my bathroom.  (My skin has never looked better, thanks Suki Skincare!)  I am trying to focus more on my state of well being than on feeling fat.  I still feel fat, so clearly that needs work.  All of this stuff running around in my mind has left little time or mindshare (as we used to say in my PR days) to devote to blogging. 

As I thought about it though I felt like I sort of had it backward.  See, when I have so much stuff running around in my brain and I don't let it out anywhere my friend L gets an earful on the phone, my husband gets lectures about parabens  and my sleep suffers.  I should have been blogging about all of this craziness so I will try to find some time to do just that.  Hello blog world, I am back - again.