Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cutie Pies

I have not posted photos in awhile mostly because I did not know how to get the pics off our new camera but today I did it!  (Go me!)  Here are some funny pics of the kids.

Sam got in to Emelia's markers (washable thank goodness) and here is the result.

Emelia saw this dress on our first ever girl's shopping trip.  She got to try it on in the fitting room.  She loved the whole experience.  She also had her first piece of chewing gum that day.  It was a big day.
Sam is a really good eater.  He seems to really eat almost anything you put in front of him except fruit.  He only likes bananas, which is funny since Emelia only liked fruit at this age.  They are just so different.  Here he is enjoying spaghetti.

When the weather finally got nice we started venturing out but one day we were supposed to hit the zoo but rain sent us to the Children's Museum instead.  They both had a blast.

Sam thinks his sister is about the funniest person ever.  He is such a big fan.  She is good with him but sometimes feels more strongly about her Barbie than she does Sam.  It will be intersting to see where their relationship goes throughout the years.  I remember having a conversation with my friend Amber about something relating to her brother and her level of love and devotion to him has always stuck with me as I think about Sam and Emelia.  I just pray that they end up the same way.   

One thing is for sure life is never boring.