Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Long Time No Talk

I know it has been awhile since I have posted on here so for any of you who have been checking - sorry! Things are moving right along in some ways and are totally crazy in others. So, the baby is doing well but she is teething which makes her a bit clingy and a little bit of a fussy bunny. (There is a whole song I have composed to accompany the fussy bunny role but I will have to sing it for you another time.) We have settled in to a pretty good schedule. She gets up, plays for awhile, eats some breakfast, naps nurses, we run errands, she nurses again then naps again and then daddy comes home and the real fun starts. She eats another solid meal in the evening, takes a bath and goes to bed. It is hard to even remember the days when I thought she would never go to bed. We have cured, for the most part, the night waking. She sleeps straight through the night most nights and wakes a couple times a week, but usually she can get herself back to sleep. I highly recommend the Ferber Sleep Method his book is titled Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems and it certainly did. God has been blessing our family tremendously as we continue to evolve from two to three.

Now the crazy part. Jeff is not really happy at work and hasn't been for some time. We really feel like God is leading us away from Hardee's. The tricky part is we are not sure where he is leading us to. Jeff had a good interview in Chicago with a PR agency there. Everything about the position sounds great. The trouble is we don't really want to move and we are not sure if we can afford to live in Chicago without Jeff having to add two hours on to his day in commuting time. Jeff has an interview with a St. Louis company on Wednesday and we are really praying that it would go well and he would get an offer from them. We are trying to be open to where God wants us to go but it is tough to know.

I guess that is about it for now, I will try to be better about writing. Not only does it help me stay in touch with people, it helps me organize my thoughts.

We have started solid food and this is what it looks like.