Monday, September 07, 2009

The reason it is all worth it

Things are getting back to normal - PSYCHE

Remember when you were in sixth grade and you would torment members of the opposite sex by telling them they were cute and then yelling PSYCHE! It was sort of a cruel way of saying just kidding. Well right now that is what life looks like in the Mochal house. It is just sort of God's cosmic joke.

I was just telling Jeff that Sam seems like a different baby - so much more content and calm. He's sleeping at night and all seems to be well. I was getting back on top of the household chores and I even managed to sneak in some trips to the park for Emelia.


Sam is no longer sleeping through the night, Emelia is sick (again) and Jeff and I have spent labor day weekend soothing our children and stuck in the house. We went to the park Friday evening and it seemed like such a promising start to the weekend then Emelia woke up fussy on Saturday and it all went downhill from there. Saturday night neither of them were sleeping which was SUPER awesome. It is funny because I have been pulling my hair out trying to figure out why Sam is not sleeping and how to get his schedule back on track and blah blah blah. Then on Saturday I read my blog from when Emelia was three months old and there it was. The ugly truth about sleeping through the night. The big fakeout. It started early with her too and then it disappears when they become old enough to be aware that you are gone and the binky has fallen out of their mouths and life is not good. I think we will have to Ferberize ( a sleep training method by Richard Ferber) him but I am waiting until he turns four months and praying he starts to learn to settle on his own. At this point he is waking up at 10:45 every night and needs to be reswaddled and rebinked to go back to sleep. The cruel irony is that that is just about when I have fallen asleep so I wake up CRABBY with a capital C and then I have trouble falling back to sleep. UGH. The good news is I know how to fix it the bad news is fixing it requires three days of H E double hockey sticks.

I think I will put that off for another weekend when Emelia is not feverish and delirious. The other day when her fever really spiked she sat up and said "I don't have any money and I don't have gas in my car." Okay, sort of funny, sort of scary and really random. Bless daddy's heart he is taking her to get donuts and diapers right now. She is wearing her nightgown with her princess Ariel dress over it and a pair of tennis shoes. Fine - clothes are not a battle I am willing to fight today.

Alright I am off to clean the bathrooms because if I can get it done while Sam sleeps and Emelia gets donuts I might be able to sneak in some HGTV.