Monday, October 04, 2010


I have not posted for quite some time because life has been crazy!  On July 14 Jeff came home from his annual review and said well my boss wants to know if we want to go to Naperville.  Conagra has an office in Naperville and Jeff had jokingly brought up the idea of him working from there because he was anxious to get back to a larger city.  So we came to Naperville to see if we could even afford to make the move.  We decided we could, it would be a stretch but we could get through.  And here we sit two months later writing this post from our house in Batavia Illinois just outside of Naperville.  What a whirlwind. 

God has been amazing throughout this whole thing.  We were able to sell our house before we even put it on the market.  We had a tough time finding a house out here but we feel like we are in the right house.  We are settling in.  Emelia started preschool, I found the Target, we are moving right along. 

Now to just take a deep breath and take it all in.